From the Supervisor’s desk

The Town of Eaton Comprehensive Plan Committee is putting together the first draft of the Plan will be presenting it to the Town Board in August or September.  Once the board adopts the Plan, copies will be available on our website or at the Town Office.  We have also been meeting with the various Lake Associations regarding a local law to require inspections and possible upgrades to the septic systems.  This is in an effort to help preserve the lakes.  Many septic systems around the lakes are old and have never been inspected.  We are asking that an inspection be done when there is a sale or transfer of title to the property.  Similar to an inspection of the well when a property is being sold.  More to come on that topic.

Our Annual Community Clean up weekend will be on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25 from 8am to 3pm.  Dumpsters will be behind the A&W Mini Mart in Eaton and behind the Roadside Restaurant in West Eaton.  Please take advantage of the this opportunity to get rid of the stuff around your property for FREE.  We will also take tires (not on rims) and scrap metal.  No appliances with Freon.  We will take old televisions and computers.