From the Supervisor’s desk

On Tuesday, August 14th, the Town of Eaton held a public hearing on the proposed local law that will require septic inspections upon the sale or transfer of title of any property around the lakes in our town. The Town Board will take into consideration the suggestions made at the Public Hearing and vote in October on the proposed local law. I want to thank the over 35 people who attended the public hearing to share their ideas,thoughts and concerns. A link to the local law presented is still at the bottom of this page.

Our Annual Community Clean up weekend w on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25 was a huge success. Over 7 dumpsters was collected over the two days.  Next year the dumpsters will only be at the Town Building on Cedar Street in Morrisville. Legal and insurance issues will require us to host it on our own property. Sometime in the spring we will announce the dates for the Community Clean Up.

Septic System Local Law Draft

Appendix B to Local Law on Septic Systems

OTN System Inspection Information Request