Historically, the Town of Eaton, which includes the hamlets of Eaton, West Eaton, and Pratts Hollow, as well as the Village of Morrisville, is known for its industry and innovation, as well as the many scenic ponds, lakes and reservoirs located in the area. The Town is named for General William Eaton, American Commander at Tripoli, and was officially formed from the Town of Hamilton in 1807.

Eaton, West Eaton, Pierceville, and Pratts Hollow, small communities located in the Town of Eaton, also grew in population and prospered in the 1800’s as a result of mills, cheese factories, machine shops, and tanneries that were located there.

The Town of Eaton is home to several man-made lakes, including Lelands Pond, Hatch Lake, Bradley Brook Reservoir, and a portion of Eatonbrook Reservoir. Originally built to support the Erie and Chenango canal systems of the 19th century.